Allo, can I please talk to Hashem?


Booking an appointment:

Before going to my first Shabbat service I called the temple, a woman answered and transferred me to the Rabbi’s office, another woman answer and started asking me questions in a not very enthusiastic tone as if it is part of the routine, as if many people call asking about conversion but get discouraged. Here is how the conversation went, I am omitting simple questions like my name, time and obvious questions:

Me: Hello, I wanna talk to a rabbi about the conversion process
Her: How long have you been thinking about conversion?
Me: 6 months.
Her: Have you attended a service?
Me: no
Her: is it for marriage purpose?
Me: No
Her: Are you circumcised?
Me: No
Her: Did you know you had to get circumcised?
Me: Yes, I know and I am ok with it
(In most reforms community it is not mandatory but like I said before Canadian and American reform movements are very different, this being one of those differences)
Her: (Explains the courses I have to take, and most importantly doesn’t stop repeating prices, Judaism 101 is $400 dollars, circumcision is $1000, Hebrew classes $$$, Mikvah inmersion $400 and more $$$$$$$ as if I was gonna get discouraged)
Me: That’s ok
Her: So you still wanna set up an appointment?
Me: Definitely
Her: (with a different tone of voice, more welcoming) Oh ok, perfect.

I still don’t know where I am gonna get the money for all these but hopefully I can come up with a solution. This being the only reform synagogue in Montreal doesn’t give me much room to explore so I just hope I will feel welcome and confortable with the Rabbi when I meet her next week.

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3 thoughts on “Allo, can I please talk to Hashem?

  1. Wow, maybe it’s different in Canada but my conversion class doesn’t cost me anything. It’s the books and the mikvah and Hatafat dam brit that cost. The books is was able to buy on amazon for cheap, I haven’t looked into how much either of the others were yet. I’m not even a “paying” member at the synagogue I go too. Although I am going to become one, I think you have to be a Jew already to become a member and not just in the conversion class.

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