Meet the Rabbi

Finally, a couple of weeks ago I met the Rabbi to “formalize” my request to convert to Judaism, It all went smoothly, we talked about my background, my expectations, blah blah, it felt more like a therapy session at the psychologist, she would ask a simple question and I would answer for 20 mins, which is pretty weird considering how quiet I am.
I felt as if I knew her so she was really easy to talk to, I have watched many videos of her online so I knew about her mentality and background a bit so that was very helpful. The next step in the process will be to get involved in the synagogue life, which might be difficult for me studying full time and working part-time but I told her I will try my best, for now I am attending every Shabbat service whenever I am available, I would like to get more involved than just going to services and will try my best but man I need longer days in my life, summer is here and I know I will have a bit more time now that during the fall or winter which is a shame because the next Judaism class starts in the fall , so for now I will have to wait.

I told the rabbi about the books I have read, she asked me what else I wanted to read about, I said History, which I like, and she recommended me a book, which I haven’t start yet.
She explained to me all the process to follow in order to convert, the classes, circumcision, and at the end I will have to become a member of the temple, I didn’t even ask how much it was, I didn’t wanna get scared lol, she saw it in my face and told me I shouldn’t worry about that.

I told her I was planning on getting a Mezuzah, she said it is not necessary yet, to wear a Kippah (during service) is ok but to wear a Tallit is not recommended, I am not planning on wearing a Tallit but I can clearly see the difference that I talked before between the reform movement in USA in Canada, I read a lot of blogs of Jews by choice and most of the rabbis in the US would encourage these practices. I am fine with this, if anything if makes me more determined to study and work towards my conversion. In any case my J-friend (who btw is coming to services with me and keeps thanking me for bringing back to Judaism) is helping me to get the Mezuzah case and I will talk again with the Rabbi for the scroll.

For now I do not have another appointment with the rabbi, I guess after the class starts in the summer I will meet her again, but I am happy my shul is run by a strong woman, girl power, lol, and she is also homosexual which is a plus.

Addendum: some of us are readers some of us are writers, and I have so many things I would like to share in this blog, not about theology because like I said before there are a lot of those online but about the whole process and my feelings. I am a reader, I prefer spent my internet time reading about others experiences and learning about Judaism that writing about it, I was thinking that maybe I should stop the blog, (especially after seeing my stats lol) but I think I will continue, maybe not as frequent as in the beginning but whenever I feel like to. When I started the blog I felt pressure to write about everything that was happening now I am more careless (in a good sense) about the outcome of the blog which will give me more freedom to enjoy the summer and the wonderful journey I started.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Rabbi

  1. Hey, it’s your blog. Feel free to write as often or as sparsely as feels right to you. I have been writing a lot every day, it seems like, but now I’m starting to make notes about things I want to write about, if they’re not immediate “this happened today/yesterday” kinds of posts. You can set it up so that you can write a lot of posts and schedule them to be published later, if you’re feeling moved to write.

    In any case, your blog, your journey, your process. There is no one “right” way to do this. You do it however you feel you need to do it under your chosen rabbi’s guidance, okay?

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